Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Holy Cross School!

Please download the Teacher Application Packet from the Diocese of Monterey and submit your application directly to the Principal.

Basic Requirement for Teachers

Per the Diocese of Monterey, the teacher applicant for Holy Cross School shall:

  • Be willing to teach in accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic Church
  • Be dedicated to the interest of all children—their intellectual as well as their spiritual and moral development
  • Be willing to serve as a model in accordance with the “Expectations of a Teacher Working in Catholic Schools” (see Leadership Self-Analysis on application form)
  • Have completed a BS or BA degree from a recognized college or university
  • [Preschool] Have the required ECE units
  • Adhere to the minimum requirements for Catechist Certification as set forth by the Diocese of Monterey
  • [Elementary School] Hold a valid California Teaching Credential or its equivalent from another state
  • [Secondary School] Hold a valid California Teaching Credential or its equivalent from another state; or have an advanced degree in the field of teaching
  • [Preschool through Secondary School] Be a Catholic if a teacher of religion (one who teaches in a self-contained classroom or who teaches any aspect of religious formation, belief, practice, history or any related subject)
  • Be proficient in educational technology, including Microsoft Office Suite, and have a willingness to integrate new technology into the curriculum
  • Establish a complete file, including:
    • Completed application (includes Leadership Self-Analysis)
    • Official transcript(s) of college and university work completed, including degree(s) -- production of the original issued by the college/university is required
    • Verification of currently valid credential(s)
    • College placement folder (if one has been opened)
    • Employment Verification and Release Forms
    • Personal references
    • Evidence of freedom from active tuberculosis (TB). If this application is being submitted for first-time employment as a teacher in California, California law requires that applicant be examined for tuberculosis within 60 days before hire. If this is not the first employment as a teacher, the law requires a tuberculosis examination every four years. In either case, documentation of applicant’s most recent TB exam is necessary to complete application file
  • Meet all diocesan employment and professional requirements, as well as all applicable state and federal laws and regulations relating to employment
  • Before applicant may begin employment – applicant must comply with Diocese of Monterey preschool and K-12 fingerprinting requirements even if applicant possesses a valid California teaching credential or was previously fingerprinted for other employment or for volunteer service, applicant must satisfactorily complete the criminal records check through the State of California (which includes a check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and, for preschools, the Child Abuse Index)
  • Before applicant may begin employment – applicant must complete Diocese of Monterey Safe Environment Program requirements, including “Shield the Vulnerable” training and must provide the Principal with the certificate for completing such training
  • Pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act, after employment, persons are required to submit information for Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9). The I-9 will be processed at the individual school site
  • Establish qualifications in an interview with the School Administrator

The interview-selection-hiring process is the responsibility of the School Principal and, in the case of a parochial school, in consultation with the Pastor and (if applicable) the Canonical Administrator.

Open Positions

Please see our open positions on Edjoin: www.edjoin.org.