Holy Cross School is a nurturing, Christ-centered community that offers a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with the nationally recognized Common Core standards. We pride ourselves in providing a challenging and rigourous academic program for our students.


An education in the Catholic faith that nurtures our students mind, body and spirit, inspiring students to live the message of the Gospels and contribute to their communities.

Language Arts

An integrated program that develops comprehensive reading and lanuage skills leading to effective readers, writers, speakers and listeners.


A comprehensive program that promotes critical thinking and problem solving, while mastering effective computational and procedural skills.


A dynamic program that nurtures the students' inquisitive side through hands-on experiences.

Social Studies

A study of people and places throughout history in the United States, where students compare and contrast their experiences with those of the past.

Life Lab

A stewardship-centered program that allows students to take care of God's creation and plant beautiful gardens.


A program that exposed all students to second language acquistion. A preschool - 8th grade curriculum allows students to communicate effectively by the time they graduate 8th grade.

Physical Education

An engaging program that promotes healthy lifestyles, physical fitness, sportsmanship, and team building.

Liturgical Music

An enriching program that fosters each child's musical gifts while enhancing Catholic identity.


An integrated program that allows our budding artists to express their creativity.


A program that helps students build the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Students in grades 7 and 8 have 1:1 iPad, with access to iPads in grades preschool - 6. A computer lab and traveling Chromebook cart enhances teacher instruction.