Faculty & Staff



Rev. Martin Cain

Holy Cross Church

Patty Patano

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Administrative Assistant

Lauren White

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Catalina Groyon

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Preschool Director

Crissy Roubal

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Preschool Teacher

Daniela Santellanez

Prekindergarten Teacher

Sydney Corbin

Kindergarten Teacher

Cecelia Gonzales

1st Grade Teacher

Amy Savoni

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2nd Grade Teacher

Katie Aldrich

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3rd Grade Teacher

Thira Icaza

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4th Grade Teacher

Rachel Johnson

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5th Grade Teacher

Kevin Job

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6th Grade Homeroom and English Language Arts

Tim Bartholomew

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7th Grade Homeroom, Mathematics and Science.

Robin Ward

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8th Grade Homeroom, History and Religion

Lauri Raffetto

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Liturgical Music Teacher and Choir Director

Sister Barbara Long

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P.E. Teacher & Athletic Director

Guy Putnins

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3rd - 8th grade Spanish Teacher

Marigela Vega

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Kindergarten - 2nd grade Spanish Teacher

Francisca Souza

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Literacy Teacher

Nancy Schlachte


Instructional Assistant

Trisha Vega

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Dave Scott

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Eduardo Eusse