Parent Association

The Parent Association (PA) is an organization that supports student learning by promoting parent participation in the fundraising and volunteer activities at Holy Cross School. Through regular meetings and special fundraising events, it assists the parish, school administration, and faculty in helping to provide quality education for Holy Cross School students. Membership includes the Principal, faculty, and all Holy Cross parents.

The Parent Association meets regularly and all parents are encouraged to attend.

2016-2017 Parent Association Officers and Coordinators
Title Name
President Gabe P.
Vice President Al-Lee G.
Treasurer Robert Z.
Secretary Guadalupe R.
Room Parent Coordinator Veronica S.
Hospitality Coordinator Monica C.
Hot Lunch Jessica V.
Volunteer Hours Veronica S.
Scrip Monica T.
Uniform Exchange Sandra S.
Auction Chair Jackie F. and Niki S.
Carnival Chair Guy P. and Stephanie L.
Dining-Out Fundraisers Crissy R.