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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE)

A graduate of Holy Cross School is

A Christ-centered individual who:
  • Lives the Gospel values of compassion, justice, tolerance, and honesty.
  • Shares his/her gifts and talents in service to family, school, Church and community.
  • Understands, values, and participates in Catholic worship.
A responsible citizen who:
  • Takes responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Has knowledge of current events and world affairs, and understands their impact.
  • Appreciates and respects ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Participates actively in the larger community.
An enthusiastic life-long learner who:
  • Demonstrates organizational proficiency and cooperative and independent learning skills.
  • Possesses a solid foundation in all academic subjects.
  • Knows how to seek and interpret information.
  • Possesses strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Uses technology resourcefully and responsibly.

Primary Version

A child of God who:
  • Follows Jesus' teachings and example by being kind, welcoming, truthful, and fair to everyone.
  • Shares the special gifts and talents God has given him/her at home, at school and in church.
  • Loves and worships God.
A responsible citizen who:
  • Knows when his/her actions hurt others and tries to make it better.
  • Learns about what is happening in the world.
  • Learns about people all over the world and respects others.
  • Helps others in need.
An enthusiastic learner who:
  • Works hard in school, alone and with others.
  • Learns about many different subjects.
  • Asks questions when he or she doesn't know something and looks for information in books or on the internet.
  • Listens carefully, speaks clearly, and reads and writes well.
  • Uses computers responsibly to learn about new things.