Welcome to Holy Cross Preschool

Holy Cross Preschool believes that each child has the ability to strive and challenge themselves through curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, engaging and unique to meet each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development. Holy Cross Preschool provides our students with a strong foundation of faith, while preparing them to continue their education at Holy Cross School.


Our School

Our staff provides a safe and supportive place that encourages open communication and the ability for children to express their feelings and work together on problem solving skills.

Holy Cross Preschool acknowledges the importance of kindergarten readiness to provide a strong foundation. In doing so, we separate our Pre-Kindergarten and preschool to focus on the necessary skills to make them successful.



We encourage a play-based active learning environment to allow for many opportunities to practice social interaction and relationship skills.

We promote children’s active involvement with activities, and materials that offer children opportunities for responsible and cooperative roles in the classroom.


Our Events

Our preschool students participate in many community building events.

Every fall close to Patriot Day, we participate in "Cookies for Courage" along with grades K-8 to honor the First Responders of Santa Cruz County. Every spring we participate in the annual Trike-A-Thon for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Every Christmas we help to brighten the lives of the elderly residents at Dominican Oaks by making decorations for their Holiday celebrations.

Information About Us

At Holy Cross Preschool, we recognize that the preschool years are an important time of transition when our students desire to find their place among family, community and Church. We offer our students a warm and nurturing environment to make this transition that respects the dignity of each child.

As part of Holy Cross School, we seek to foster the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical development of each of our students, in accordance to their own individual needs, gifts and talents. We provide a highly interactive learning experience to develop strong social skills and encourage a love of education.

Our Holy Cross Preschool teachers are exceptional and each brings years of early childhood education experience. Their love of children is immediately evident and they provide an environment filled with rich materials that encourage their students to explore the world around them.

Holy Cross Preschool