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Science is hands on!

Our science curriculum includes hands-on experiences in our preschool life lab. Science concepts and skills are incorporated in our themed units. We explore weather, plants, animals, the seasons, the environment and the world around us.

Play is important!

We encourage a play-based active learning environment to allow for many opportunities to practice social interaction and relationship skills. We promote children’s active involvement with activities and materials offer children opportunities for responsible and cooperative roles in the classroom. Teachers observe children as their play to understand their needs and interests to promote growth in their development.

Math is all around us

We explore the following:

  • Number Sense: Concepts of numbers, the development of counting skills and number relationships
  • Algebra and Functions: Concepts of classification and patterning
  • Measurement: Concepts of comparing, ordering, and measuring objects
  • Geometry: Concepts of shapes and spatial relationships
  • Art incorporation

    Our art activities include painting, drawing, cut and paste, and exploration of open-ended art activities. Art is integrated in all academic areas and there are many opportunities for self-directed projects.

    Filling tiny hearts with big faith

    We learn the importance of helping others with many events throughout the year, including Cookies for Courage and our St. Jude's Trike-A Thon. We encourage our children to care for others.

    Spiritual Development

    The religion curriculum provides weekly stories, exercises, activities, reflections and prayers that develop an awareness of God’s love through everyday actions. Pre-Kindergarten students participate in school-wide prayer services and liturgies in the church and all students participate in the celebration of special Feast Days.