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Children join in prayer every day, attend mass monthly and celebrate prayer services throughout the year. The school participates in many outreach projects with each class adopting a charity project. Holy Cross School also provides a Family Life program and a safety program called “Circle of Grace”.

Textbook series: Blest Are We: Faith and Word Edition, RCL Benziger



Unit 1: God's Love Creates the Universe;

Unit 2: God's Love Makes Me Who I Am;

Unit 3: God's Love Gives me People to Love;

Unit 4: God's Love Gives Me Jesus;

Unit 5: God's Love Teaches Me to Love

Grade 1

Grade 1

Unit 1: Our Church Community;

Unit 2: Our Loving God;

Unit 3: God’s Son, Jesus;

Unit 4: The Holy Spirit;

Unit 5: Jesus’ Church of Followers



Unit 1: We Gather as Believers;

Unit 2: We Ask God’s Forgiveness;

Unit 3: We Celebrate the Word of God;

Unit 4: We Celebrate the Gift of Eucharist;

Unit 5: We Go in Peace



Unit 1: The Church is One;

Unit 2: The Church is Holy;

Unit 3: The Church is Catholic;

Unit 4: The Church is Apostolic;

Unit 5: The Church Has a Mission to the World



Unit 1: The Goodness of God;

Unit 2: Jesus is the Son of God;

Unit 3: The Holy Spirit;

Unit 4: The Church; Unit 5: Social Justice



Unit 1: The Sacraments: God’s Gift of Life;

Unit 2: Baptism and Confirmation;

Unit 3: The Eucharist;

Unit 4: Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick;

Unit 5: Holy Orders and Matrimony



Unit 1: We Answer God’s Call;

Unit 2: God Saves and Delivers Us;

Unit 3: God Invites Us Into the Kingdom;

Unit 4: God Reminds Us to Do His Will;

Unit 5: God Promises Us Everlasting Life



Unit 1: The Mystery of the Incarnation;

Unit 2: The Meaning of the Kingdom;

Unit 3: The Christian Life;

Unit 4: The Paschal Mystery;

Unit 5: The Good News



Unit 1: We Are Called;

Unit 2: The Growth of Christendom;

Unit 3: An Age of Faith and Beauty;

Unit 4: Reason, Rebellion and Reform;

Unit 5: Returning to the Roots of Christianity