Science comes alive for our students throughout all grade levels! Each year in elementary school, students learn about Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. Our Middle School program goes into these areas in-depth.

Textbook series: California Science (K-5), Macmillian-McGraw Hill

Textbook series: California Science Explorer (6-8), Prentice Hall


Life Science – Plants; Animals

Earth Science – Our Earth, Our Home; Weather

Physical Science – Exploring Matter; Investigate Water

Grade 1

Life Science – Plants and Their Needs; Animals and Their Needs; Plants and Animals Together

Earth Science – Weather; Seasons

Physical Science – Solids, Liquids, and Gases; Changing Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Grade 2

Life Science – Plant Life Cycles; Life Cycles of Animals

Earth Science – Earth’s Materials; Earth’s Past; Earth’s Resources

Physical Science – Objects in Motion; Forces at Work

Grade 3

Life Science – Adaptations in Land Environments; Adaptations in Water Environments; Environments Change

Earth Science – Our Earth, Sun, and Moon; Our Solar System

Physical Science – Matter, Energy, Light

Grade 4

Life Science – Living Things Need Energy; Living Things and Their Environment

Earth Science – Rocks and Minerals; Slow Changes on Earth; Fast Changes on Earth

Physical Science – Electricity; Magnetism

Grade 5

Life Science – Structure of Living Things; Plant Structures and Functions; Human Body Systems

Earth Science – Earth’s Water; Earth’s Weather; The Solar System

Physical Science – Types of Matter; Changes in Matter

Grade 6

Focus on Earth Science

Unit 1 - Earth Sustems and Processes; Unit 2 - Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure; Unit 3 - Weather and Climate; Unit 4 - Ecology and Resources

Grade 7

Focus on Life Science

Unit 1 - Looking at Cells; Unit 2 - Genetics and Evolution; Unit 3 - Structure and Function in Living Systems; Unit 4 - Structure and Function in the Human Body

Grade 8

Focus on Physical Science

Unit 1 - Chemical Building Blocks; Unit 2 - Chemical Interactions; Unit 3 - Motion, Forces, and Energy; Unit 4 - Astronomy