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Grades K-2

Oral communication is highlighted in our lower grades by immersing students in the language. It is introduced through music, movement, games, puppetry, storytelling, prayer and simple dialogues. Vocabulary is presented using American Sign Language and Total Physical Response and includes: greetings, seasons, numbers, animals, letters, and family members. Spanish and Catholic holidays are celebrated in a simple way throughout the year. Listening to Spanish music and speaking Spanish outside of class is strongly emphasized. By grade 2, students are skilled enought to present skits in Spanish.

Grade 3-4

Students develop listening, oral language and introductory writing skills in the intermediate grades. Spanish is introduced using varied modalities of learning. There is continued emphasis on immersion of the Spanish language with occasional clarification. Context clues are used to ensure understanding of new vocabulary. Learning a language includes learning about the culture of the people who speak it, and a discussion of the Spanish holidays, as well as, games and songs of the Hispanic culture, to enrich the lessons.

Grade 5-6

Grade 5-6

Realidades A, Prentice Hall,

Students in grades 5 and 6 focus on grammar and vocabulary development, as well as listening and speaking skills.

Tema 1 - Mis Amigos y Yo; Team 2 - La Escuela; Tema 3 - La Comida; Tema 4 - Los Pasatiempos

Grade 7-8

Grade 7-8

Realidades B, Prentice Hall

Students in grades 7 and 8 deepen their understanding of the Spanish language by strengthening their grammar, vocabulary, oral and listening skills.

Tema 5 - Fiesta en Familia; Tema 6 - La Casa; Tema 7 - De Compras; Tema 8 - Experiencias; Tema 9 - Medios de Communicacion;